As an independent writer for many years in Travel, Architecture, Arts & Design, I come across stories and events that are exciting, innovative, creative and fun. My intention here is to pull the bits that interest me most out of the myriad of content and emphasize that, 'yes, this is worth a second look'.


Sometimes I will point to destinations, buildings or design that have caused me to question my underlying assumptions or philosophy. This is always healthy in a society where care and attention to detail, and how we use resources and materials are essential elements of our survival. In the age of iconic Architecture and pop-up stores and where new products are designed every day, we can lose sight of the fact that we can 'Design the Journey'. We have choices in how we live, travel and play as I have outlined in my new book 'Travel, Death & Spatial Design'. 


This Blog reflects my personal opinion and my subjectively selected content, within my parameters of fun, creativity. eye-opening, cross-disciplinary, imaginative and, of course, topical content. 

I hope you enjoy my selections.